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Selection committee

Admission contacts:

Deputy PR Rector, Executive Secretary of Admittance Commission– Volokhovich Natalya Rudolfovna

+7(4852) 31-41-14

e-mail: admin@theatrins-yar.ru


Deputy Executive Secretary of Admittance Commission (full-time studies) – Zavoystaya Tatyana Vasilyevna

+7(4852) 31-40-55


Head of Full-Time Studies and Extra-Curriculum Studies Department, Deputy Executive Secretary of Admittance Commission (extramural courses) – Nochevnaya Nadezhda Vladimirovna

 +7(4852) 30-75-69

e-mail: nvnochevnaya@rambler.ru


In 2019, admission to the first year is carried out according to the following educational programmes:


Full-Time Studies

 52.05.01 "Drama Arts", qualification as “Drama Theatre and Film Actor” "artist of the puppet theater " Training period – 4 years


 Extramural Courses

52.05.01 "Drama Arts", qualification as “Drama Theatre and Film Actor”. Training period – 5 years


Entrants to YSTI (Yaroslavl State Theatre Institute) are admitted to the first year on the following admission conditions:


According to the results of entrance examinations:

Separately in full-time studies and extramural courses

Separately in bachelor and specialist degrees

Separately for every admission type:

To the quota limited institute places for persons with special rights (further quota)

To the quota limited institute places in target admission (further target admission)

To the institute places within admission quotas (excluding number of places, persons enrolled due to quotas and target admission)

To the institute places under paid education contracts.

The Institute does not admit to training without  entrance examinations.

The Institute establishes a single list of entrance examinations based on the general secondary education, based on the general professional education and higher education.

Entrants take entrance examinations in Russian as an official national language of the Russian Federation.

The Institute does not give entrance examinations via remote technologies.

Persons with degree, according to the Russian Federation law "On the Education", have a right on paid education only, disregarding conditions of receiving their first degree.

During admission to the training additional points can be charged for the following personal achievements:

·         general secondary education certificate with distinction or general secondary education certificate with information on gold or silver medal – 2 points;

·         general professional education diploma with distinction – 2 points.

Entrants are not charged points for graduation test compositions, written as a component of educational programmes in general secondary education.



Additional creative entrance examinations

52.05.01 "Drama Arts"

·         Round of the pre-examination creative contest: entrants recite works of different genres: a poem, a fable, a short story or an extract from a prose work. Performed works must differ in genres and content to reveal entrants? abilities and their creative scope sufficiently. Entrants choose literary works for presentation individually. Entrants also perform a song or a romance a capella (unaccompanied).

·         Plastic and musical tests; plasticity test (doing special exercises testing motor coordination and motor reaction), test of musical talent and sense of rhythm. Entrants must have sportswear and trainers with them.

Pre-examination round and tests are evaluated as "passed/failed" (entrants with negative results in the round and tests are not admitted to the next stage).

Entrants who have passed creative rounds and tests successfully are admitted to the entrance examinations.


·         Creative examination – Etude/ improvisation on a given topic (during the examination entrants have to be ready to do special necessary tasks aimed to reveal their creative identity and stage abilities).

·         Professional examination – Reciting (a poem, a fable, a prose extract) and singing.

·         Interview – revealing entrants? general level of culture, their knowledge of theatre and other arts, as well as literature and history of Russia within the scope of  progarmmes of general subjects in general secondary education.

Lowest passing score in each examination, creative and professional, is 50.

General education examinations

52.05.01 "Drama Arts"

·         The Russian Language, Literature (Unified State Exam certificates or internal examinations)

 Lowest USE passing score for admission to YSTI in 2020:

 The Russian Language – 50

Literature – 42

Foreign citizens entering the Russian Federation on educational purpose are accepted according to the international agreements.

 Number of institute places: http://www.theatrins-yar.ru/Abitur/

Admittance commission:http://www.theatrins-yar.ru