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History of YSTI

The history of the Yaroslavl Higher Theater School is inextricably linked with the history of the Yaroslavl Theater School, which was opened in 1962. The school was founded on the initiative of Firs Efimovich Shishigin, People´s Artist of the USSR, State Prize Laureate of the USSR and the RSFSR, the main director of the Academic Drama Theater named after F.G. Volkova. For 20 years of its existence the school has produced more than 408 actors of the Drama Theater and the Puppet Theater.

In 1980, the theatrical school received the status of a higher educational institution, now - the Yaroslavl State Theater Institute. Firs Yefimovich Shishigin became the artistic director of the school, who found his second vocation in theatrical pedagogy and laid the foundations of the methodological positions of the Yaroslavl Theater School. For many years the faculty of actor´s skill was led by People´s Artist of the USSR Sergei Tikhonov.

For 18 years the institute was headed by the rector, professor, honored worker of arts of the Russian Federation, doctor of art Stanislav Sergeevich Klytin. On his initiative, YaGTI began teaching actors´ groups on the basis of theaters, thereby making a significant contribution to the resolution of the personnel problem in the provincial theaters of Russia.

At the origins of Yaroslavl theatrical high school was also Vyacheslav S. Shalimov, professor, candidate of art history. He was among the first nonresident teachers who accepted SS´s proposal. Clitina worked in Yaroslavl, in 1997, took from him and the rector´s baton.

Yaroslavl Theater School, like any other, author´s by nature, does not break ties with tradition, is deeply and organically justified by scenic practice. The essence of the Yaroslavl Theater School is found in the atmosphere of high school author´s acting and director´s workshops, in the professional skill of actors and directors, related to it, in the creative and pedagogical talents of theater teachers.

Yaroslavl Theater School confirms its vitality by talented students. Among them famous directors, honored artists of Russia Sergey Yashin and Vladimir Bogolepov, national artists of Russia Victor Gvozditsky (Moscow Art Theater named after A.Chekhov), Stanislav Zhelezkin (Puppet Theater "Ognivo"), Tatyana Ivanova, Valery Sergeev, Valery Kirillov (Russian State Academic Drama Theater named after FG Volkov), Professor Antonina Kuznetsova of the Russian Institute of Theatrical Art-GITIS, filmmakers Anna Samokhina, Tatyana Kulish, Vladimir Tolokonnikov, Irina Grineva, Vladimir Gusev, Alexander Robak.

For 35 years of his life in the theatrical education and art in the Yaroslavl Higher School of Theater completed the training of 2175 people. Among the graduates of the YaGTI are not only actors, but also directors, stage designers, stage designers and theater experts.

In 2001, the Yaroslavl State Theater Institute became a laureate of the Culture of the All-Russian Contest "Window to Russia" held by the newspaper. The work of the collective of the university was marked by the Congress of the Russian intelligentsia with a commemorative medal named after M.Sh. D.S. Likhachev.